Thursday, December 04, 2008

    ADVENT VIDEO: "Joyeux Noel"

    This clip is from the award-winning French film "Joyeux Noel" which tells the true story of the remarkable (and unofficial) 1914 Christmas truce during WWI. In this scene, based on true accounts, German, Scottish, and French soliders are all barricaded in their trenches on Christmas Eve. A German soldier begins to sing a Christmas carol and eventually the enemy soliders of the other trenches join in. This eventually prompts them all to come up out of their hiding places, call a truce, and celebrate Christmas together. It's an excellent film, dramatizing both the darkness we acknowledge in Advent and the possiblity of the light to come. Show this film to your youth, or just enjoy it yourself.


    I blame Doris Day said...

    Love this 'Joyeux Noel' clip - perhaps cos I'm Scottish - but also because it's a reminder that we can't overcome violence with violence - we need God's light and what better time of year to consider the light coming into the world. Love your Advent stuff.

    Brian said...

    Thanks! Glad the site is useful to you. I just showed this film at church last week and the group loved it.