Wednesday, December 03, 2008

    Celebrating Advent

    Here’s what we plan to do this Sunday night:

    1) begin with the Christmas Quiz

    2) Spend some time talking about how the birth of Christ is depicted, or not, in the gospels

    3) Spend thirty minutes in contemplative worship. This will include:

    A meditation room playing soft music. The room will have pictures of newborn babies. In addition, there will be six different signs posted on the wall saying:

    His birth…foretold in ancient writings.
    His birth…a miracle that would threaten an empire.
    His birth…would bring forth a revolution of new life and shine light into a world filled with darkness.
    His birth…would change the world forever
    His birth…would be the greatest gift God has ever given
    May the miraculous gift of Christ fill your home with faith, your heart with hope, and your life with love.

    A prayer room with a prayer banner on the wall. Youth are encouraged to write down their prayers. We’ll always have votive candles that may be lit for each prayer.

    A media room playing the Nooma video Noise.

    How about you? What are you planning?



    Anonymous said...

    each week we're going to center on the idea of "what christmas is good for"

    week 1: why a baby?
    week 2: why send jesus?
    week 3: why did we need a savior?

    makes sense kinda. in my head. right now.

    I blame Doris Day said...

    Hello - liked your blog. For Advent we take 15 - 20 minutes for stilling and meditate on a passage from the Bible, then someone shares some thoughts, then we say some liturgy together - all takes about 45 minutes we light Advent candles and have lots of other candles around. We then eat a simple meal together - homemade soup (well we're in Scotland where it is cold!) good bread, fruit and cake. Time to wait and reflect than time for a bit of community and talking together - we do this for the 4 Saturdays up until Christmas - it's an antidote to all the rushing.

    Brian said...

    ramblings - thanks for sharing your idea (I particularly like the first question you pose).

    IBDD - Sounds like a great observance. We need to adopt that at my church (especially the food part!)