Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Make-a-Christmas Tree Game!

    So, last year we brought you the now infamous (and messy) "Make-a-Santa" game. Now we unveil this year's twist: "Make-a-Christmas-Tree!" Simply break into groups of 3 or 4 and have each group choose an "It" to be the tree. Provide groups with various decorations: lots of tinsel, bows (with sticky backs), garland, plastic ornaments, electric lights (Hmmm? Is that safe?), candy canes, and so on.

    Challenge each team to decorate their "it" person as a live Christmas Tree. You might even borrow the idea from the photo and have them wrap the person's feet to represent the gifts. How about flocking the "tree" with a little fake snow made of shaving cream! Just be sure to have goggles and a towel on hand. Finish with a fashion show of the decorated youth and a singing of "O Christmas Tree." (What's that you say? You've been playing this game for years? Then send us your photographic proof. We'd love to show the world!)


    mcdaniel clan said...

    hey we've played this game for a couple of years' s a ton of fun and we're actually playing it tomorrow night...i can send the pics of last year's shananagans, but where do i send them?

    Brian said...

    We'd love to see the pics! Send them to