Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    World Hunger...the Video Game

    The World Food Programme of the United Nations now has an online "SIMS"-like video game that helps educate players on the crisis in Darfur. The game can be downloaded or played online and "each mission represents a part of the process of delivering food aid to an area in crisis. The final mission shows you how food aid can help people rebuild their lives in the years following a disaster." Check it out here.


    Chris S. said...

    This actually came out last year but it is a great game. I turned some kids on to it, they played a bit, and they came away with a whole new appreciation for the severity of the problem that people face around the world, not just in Darfur.
    Thanks for pointing the game out!

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely be passing this information on to others.

    Brian said...

    Hi Chris. Guess I'm behind the curve on this but glad I stumbled upon it and glad to hear it was useful in your ministry.

    e6eleven - hope others can make good use of it. Thanks for commenting.

    Pastor Jenn said...

    We have been looking for good resources on the net for our Christian Education rotation. Thanks for sharing this game! I look forward to the youth's response to it.