Monday, January 26, 2009

    COMMUNITY BUILDER: Ballooniture!

    You need lots of balloons for this fun community-building activity. Divide into groups of 5-10 and provide each group with a large number of colorful balloons and a good number of rolls of masking tape. The challenge: Use the balloons to create a piece of "furniture" that is sufficiently sturdy to completely support the weight of one team member. The group can choose which team member will be the "testee" for their creation but remind them that the "ballooniture" must support the person such that no part of his or her body is touching the floor. Groups could form the balloons into beds, chairs, ottomans -- leave that part up to their creativity. As teams finish, applaud their achievement and allow them to help other teams. This activity can be followed up with a discussion about how we are called to support one another in our walk of faith. Invite the group to think about how that can be accomplished in and out of youth group.