Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Creative Worship for Youth Ministry: Chalkboard Globes

    All it takes is an old globe, some chalkboard paint, and a newspaper to get your youth focused on the needs of the world!

    Our culture takes it for granted that adolescence is a time of self-absorption. What teen can pass a mirror without checking his or her hair! But does it have to be this way? Oftentimes, youth simply need a cause or a justice issue to shift their attention to the real needs of the world. Anyone who has taken youth on a mission trip, participated in a 30 Hour Famine, or has journeyed with teens to poverty-stricken urban areas knows this to be true.

    But passion for the concerns of others far away needn't only happen during these special events. Invite your youth to pray for the needs of the world every time you gather. Challenge them to pay attention to the news each week, making note of places in the world that are in pain. At each of your gatherings, bring out a chalkboard globe like the one pictured. Ask youth to share the places they have learned about and then write the country or city's name on the globe as an act of prayer. Fill the globe's surface with prayer concerns for the world and keep it in a prominent place where it will be regularly noticed during your activities.

    You can make your own full sized chalkboard globe in no time at all. Why not make it an activity to do together with your group? Here is an idea for creating a mini version of this project that costs next to nothing!