Thursday, January 29, 2009

    Jesus at Wendy's

    I really like this story from youth pastor Ethan at Blog on the Edges where he talks about bumping into Jesus:

    I saw Jesus at Wendy’s this week. There was a crowd gathered around as he was telling stories. Man, can he tell stories! Did you hear the one about the fish? A junior from Lee’s Summit North (in the National Honor Society) asked him a question: “How do I earn life forever?”
    Check out the rest here. I'm not certain, but I think I've heard a story like it somewhere before.

    And while we are on the subject of Jesus, teens, and food, check out this story about an evangelism effort called "Jesus Pizza." I think it shows both the plusses and minuses of attractional youth ministries that try a little bait-and-switch on teens.

    Marv at the blog See Through has two great posts critiquing the bait-and-switch approach discussed in the "Jesus Pizza" link above and he offers a better and more biblical alternative.
    ("Eat" image) --Brian


    Marv Nelson said...

    The Jesus at Wendy's story is cool, but the "Jesus Pizza" article is just what kids DON'T want today. I just wrote up 2 blog posts about it here: Brian, Jacob, I'd love your input on those two posts! Thanks guys

    mcdaniel clan said...

    i'm not a fan of the bait-and-switch. why not just give them pizza and tell the students that go to the church to come and have conversations? how desperate are we? have we forgotten how to have conversations - real conversations about life and its joys and messiness?