Monday, February 16, 2009

    Ideas for LENT '09 #2: The H2O Project

    We talk a lot about giving up something for Lent and so often we forget that the whole reason for doing so is to make room in your spiritual journey for something new! If you give up your morning cup of coffee, use that time to pray. If you fast one day a week, use some of that non-eating time to serve food at a soup kitchen. If you give up cussing out all the terrible drivers on the road, focus instead on helping others make their way in traffic.

    Or how about this: give up every liquid you normally purchase (soda, sports drinks, tea, coffee, OJ, milk, etc.) and drink only water and use the money you save to help provide drinkable water for others. This is exactly the challenge offered by the H20 Project in cooperation with Living Water International. You, your youth ministry, and your church are challenged to make water your only beverage for two weeks during Lent. As part of the challenge, you set aside the money you would have spent on other drinks. At the end of the two weeks you pool your funds and use them to help Living Water International in their mission to bring clean, safe water to nearly 10 million people in desperate need through the digging of wells in over 26 countries.
    So spread the word to other youth ministry folks and help young people change the world this Lenten season.

    At the project's website, you can download a whole list of free resources and supplies, connect your teens with the project's Facebook page, as well as order free wristbands, posters, and a video (which you can preview below) to share with your group in order to promote the project.

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