Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Ideas for Lent '09 #3: Staying Connected to God

    Lent is a busy time in the church. In the next several weeks, the church I serve will have retreats, baptisms, an Ash Wednesday service, vespers, special evening services and spring break. During these hectic times, it is easy to burn out and see the gifts from God as burdens rather than blessings.

    This year, I plan to be more intentional about staying connected to God through these 40 days. If you're looking for some spiritual renewal, Youth Specialties has some great archived articles. I particularly enjoy these two. And last year, I found tremendous comfort in Thomas Merton's Dialogues With Silence.

    Blessings on your upcoming Lenten journey.



    Nathaniel Dame said...

    Hey Jacob, thanks for sharing. It definitely can be a very stressful time!

    I wanted to tell you I finally launched my new blog! It needed a bit of a face life ;) Check it out: