Friday, February 13, 2009

    Youth Ministry Ideas for LENT '09: #1

    Lent is almost upon us and I know many of us are already looking for ways to help youth observe this season meaningfully. Lent is a season of introspection and so it offers lots of opportunities for looking at the spiritual life, taking up new spiritual practices, and asking ourselves "Where is God calling me in the days ahead? " Over the next several weeks we will be sharing ideas for ways to connect your teens with the themes of Lent. In the meantime, why not check out some of our past posts on the subject and see what might be useful for your program planning:

    40 - The Story of Jesus in the Desert
    - A series of images retelling the story of Jesus' temptation in comic-book fashion. A really great resource!
    Who Am I? - An introspective activity to help youth youth mirror the soul-searching that Jesus was doing in the desert.
    The Mutanga Challenge - Could you live on $2 a day? Most of the world does. Check out this project that challenges your youth to put their faith into action to help people in Africa.
    What is Lent? - Here is a ready-to-use Bible study discussion to help youth understand the history and meaning of the this season.
    Spiritual Practices - Info on a great free resource to help your youth develop spiritual practices as part of their daily lives.