Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Ideas for Lent '09 #6: Prayer Pretzel

    Lent is a time for prayer. Sometimes, youth learn best with object lessons. This Sunday night, we'll begin with a brief discussion on different ways to pray during Lent. Then, we'll make our prayer pretzels: Here's the recipe and history of the pretzels (this can also be done using pre-made biscuit dough). When we return from the kitchen, we'll spend some time in silence and have a prayer wall for the kids to write on.

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    phunniguy said...

    can someone tell me how many pretzels this recipe makes? I have a lock-in on friday for 20-25 people...should I double/triple the amounts?

    many thanks you guys for this blog. it's a HUGE help.

    Alexandria, VA

    Jacob said...

    Hi Patrick,

    It depends on the size of the pretzels. But I think you can get 6-8 pretzels out of each batch. So, I would probably triple the amount. Let us know how it works.



    phunniguy said...

    sweet. thanks much.

    Eric said...

    I'm not finding any resource for using the pretzels as a lenten reflection (the links on the page you link to are broken or seem to have changed). Can you briefly say what you would do with this? I think we'll use this on Sunday if I can figure this out.

    Jacob said...

    Hi Eric,

    We talked about how the pretzels represent our arms being crossed--an ancient form of prayer--and serve as a reminder to take time during Lent to slow down and be intentional about how we pray. While the pretzels were baking, we spent time in silent prayer, arms crossed (or whatever was comfortable), and had different prayer stations: such as a cross (where you could write down prayers on post-it notes, sand (where you could draw or list your sins and then have them erased), and candles (each youth had the opportunity to light a candle and say a prayer while lighting it).

    Hope this helps.