Wednesday, March 11, 2009

    Ideas for Lent '09 #7: Worship, Prayers, and Fasting

    Here are a few more ideas for Lent:

    1) In the ancient church, it was common for those preparing for baptism to stay up all night and prepare, through prayer and meditation, for Easter morning. Consider doing a prayer vigil with your youth the night before Easter. You could make it a lock-in. Or, you could have the sanctuary available all night long with different youth (and their parents) signed up to make sure someone is praying for an entire twenty-four hours.

    2) Have a Maundy Thursday meal or a Seder meal. This is a great way to teach youth the traditions of the church and involve other members of the congregation.

    3) Sponsor a Taize service. Youth need to take the time to slow down. Taize services are rooted in simplicity and meditation. All you need is someone to either lead songs or music (there are lots of great cd’s available).

    4) Fast from email for a week. Have youth write letters to one another. The kind where you actually use an envelope and stamp. You could start this off at youth group by having your youth spend time in silence writing letters.

    5) Have a Easter sunrise service. This is something we have done for the past four years. Each year, we have more and more parents and youth attend. Make it simple. Sing some songs. Talk about the resurrection. Then, once worship is done, return to the church, or someone’s house, and make a huge Easter breakfast. Activities like these are what youth will remember twenty years from now.

    Any other ideas? See more Lent ideas: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6.

    Blessings, Jacob


    Anonymous said...

    Love you blog.
    I host a seder each year, and have done many with students. I put together a resource (Haggadah) to help youth ministries do a seder of their own.