Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    COMMUNITY BUILDER: easy as it looks!

    You know the old youth ministry game where everyone grabs hands in a big jumble and tries to "untie" themselves without letting go? Well, this is not that activity! For this community builder, you will need one piece of 3-foot rope for every two people. Pass out ropes and ask youth to practice tying an overhand knot -- otherwise known as the first step in tying your shoe. When they all have a clear idea of the knot, instruct the group to form a line and grab hold of the rope that the person next to them is holding. You should end up with a line that looks like this: youth-rope-youth-rope-youth-rope-youth and so on.

    Once in place, their goal is to tie an overhand knot in the center rope (i.e. the one in bold above) without anyone letting go of the rope(s) they are holding. What's the trick? There really isn't one, other than the group must cooperate, brainstorm together, and think of themselves not as individuals but as one, unified rope! This activity could easily be followed up with a discussion of leadership within the group, being attentive to the needs of all, listening to different voices, and how we are called to be one body in Christ.