Friday, April 24, 2009

    Great Youth Ministry Ideas: "The Amazing Face"

    Youth minister Jason has posted a great outline at his blog of a project he's been developing for awhile called "The Amazing Face." Focused on the helping young people raise their awareness about homelessness, this event uses the format of the reality tv show "Amazing Race," sending teams out into the city to experience first-hand what it is like to live on next to nothing, while also finding out about all the ministries and organizations that serve the homeless. He lays out how he organized the event and provides descriptions of what happened to his youth as they worked their way through the challenge:

    They had not even crossed the street when they found themselves waiting at the corner next to a man pushing a cart with all of his belongings. Literally one block later they were passing guys in ties and women in fancy dresses going to eat at the elite restaurants downtown. Lesson number four about homelessness became the fact that we shop and dine right next door to those who are going without and we should pray that God gives us eyes to see those in need.
    You can read the entire post here and then consider whether you might be inspired to develop a similar challenge in your town or city.


    Rob Gillen said...

    This is an amazing concept. The college I went to ( had a midnight homeless ministry each week and it was a life-changing thing.

    I love ideas like this on my blog. My teens can really benefit from it