Thursday, April 02, 2009

    Looking for Youth Ministry Resources?

    We know how it is. It's getting closer to Sunday and you still need something to fill out your activities for youth group this week. Just as a reminder, our archives are full of a variety of free resources that may just be what you are searching for so take a look and see what you can find:

    Community Builders - Here you will find a host of youth group-tested games, ice breakers, projects, and ideas designed to help build relationships, trust, and fellowship.

    Creative Worship - Looking for creative ideas to engage youth in worship? Here you will find a variety of suggestions for worship experiences that tap into teens' different styles of learning and multiple intelligences.

    Prayer Stations - Just want some quick ideas for creative and interactive prayer stations or prayer centers for youth? Look no further.

    Bible Studies - Here you will find a collection of ideas for engaging youth in creative and reflective study of scripture. This section includes general ideas and links to resources as well as a variety of complete Bible study lessons.

    Ideas/Resources - Are you simply looking for something new to add to your youth ministry bag of tricks? You're sure to find something here in this catch-all compendium of ideas ranging from art projects to videos to youth ministry resources we think you'll like.

    In addition to all that, don't miss the tabs at the very top of the page where you'll find a list of our favorite youth ministry bloggers and a list of free youth ministry resources available on the internet. Happy hunting!


    Jesse Watkins said...

    dude i love what you guys are doing with this site/blog. keep providing the good stuff for everyone in the trenches.