Friday, April 24, 2009

    Rethinking Youth Ministry on Twitter

    You may have noticed that Rethinking Youth has made the jump to Twitter. Though apparently we are supposed to be using it to update you regularly on what cereal we are having for breakfast or how bored we are at work, we actually only post links to useful, interesting, or thoughtful youth ministry blogs, articles, and websites. Check out our latest updates a little further down on the left side of this page and then start following us on Twitter to keep up on all the links we share.


    Rob Gillen said...

    It's interesting right? People will twitter on just about anything. Tell me more about what you think of this concept, you only twitter about Youth Ministry?

    Brian said...

    Hi Rob. Though I get why it might be interesting to know the little details of everyone's day, I figure people can get all that from me on my Facebook updates, so I wanted to focus our Twitter updates on helpful youth ministry info that would be of interest to our readers. We used to regularly post a blog entry with a collection of interesting links all at once, but this way we can offer new links all the time through Twitter.