Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Savoring the Small Stuff

    Last week was extremely busy. We had church services on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening. Then, Easter morning, the day began with a youth sunrise service, followed by breakfast, and two more church services. But overall, holy week was spectacular and full of new hope, new beginnings, and new energy.

    What happens when Easter Sunday is all over? Even though many of us are tired, it feels almost like a letdown—like an absence of energy. This morning, I came across the following quote: So often we sell ourselves short: we think that, because nothing spectacular is happening, nothing is happening at all. Yet life is full of moments of conversion, however small they may appear to be and however unnoticed they may pass. For they are (or can be) steps in the gradual buildup to a decisive conversion experience that marks a new and distinctively recognizable moment of grace in our lives…

    This, I believe, is an accurate portrayal of youth ministry. As we journey into the risen Christ with our youth, and into the busyness of summer, we need to remember that the little things (like planning all of those little details, choosing curricula, informal conversations, emails, and whatever else) all help lead to those big moments when we feel privileged and honored to be in ministry with youth.



    Peace Babe said...

    Amen! Thank you so much for this reminder. I was just re-reading some Easter/Lenten posts on here as we gear up for Holy Week. I also baptized one of our youth this morning. I didn't expect the heavens to tear open and to hear a voice proclaiming this youth as a child of God, but it did seem a little anticlimactic. But this was and is a great reminder. Thank you so much for all you do!