Monday, April 20, 2009


    Today we announce a new regular feature of this blog --a feature designed to both turn the spotlight on some of our favorite fellow youth ministry bloggers and as a way to give away some great resources. Our Youth Ministry Blog Scavenger Hunt invites you to visit the blogs listed below in search of answers to our scavenger hunt questions. After finding the answers (and, we hope, spending a little time checking out the various blogs), email us your answers. Everyone submitting 5 correct answers will then be put into a random drawing for these two free resources:

    Worship Feast Prayer Stations DVD - a helpful tool for the beginner wanting to design prayer stations. Includes video demonstrations, printable resources, photo images, and songs for six different prayer stations.

    Worship Feast: 50 Multisensory Services for Youth - Includes outlines and resources for creative prayer services, services for the spiritual journey, community-building services, seasonal services and suggested resources.

    Here is your scavenger hunt list. When you have your answers ready, email them to Brian. Deadline is midnight Sunday, April 26. Happy Hunting!

    1) Stuart at The Ramblings blog serves with a ministry whose mission is "to invite and challenge youth to a lifelong journey in relationship with Christ and His church. This mission is the heart of our ministry to local teens, many without a church home or a relationship with Christ." What is the name of that ministry?

    2) What special title does Jeremy at Small Town Youth Pastor give his Thursday posts?

    3) Grahame blogs from the UK at Insight. One of his most popular resources is a free ebook offering 40 _____ for small groups. What goes in that blank?

    4) Ethan at Blog on the Edges regularly posts creative approaches to youth ministry. Among his many talents, he is a writer. What kind of writer is he? (hint: see his profile)

    5) Jason at Livefish posted on April 20 a great idea for an event helping youth see the reality of poverty and homelessness. The title of the event is a play on a popular reality tv show. What is the event's name?


    jeremy zach said...

    ya'll are soooo creative!!

    Rob Gillen said...

    Great creativity, keep up the pace friends! I live for ideas like this one.