Monday, May 25, 2009


    Here is a community building activity that can be used both to promote teamwork and to introduce your meeting's discussion or study topic.

    In this challenge, your teens will be asked to work together to draw one picture. Depending on the size of your ministry, you might do this activity as one big group or as several small groups. Come up with a simple or complex image or design on paper. If this activity is a lead-in to a discussion or Bible study, consider connecting the image to your topic. Divide your group into three teams, each with a specific task:

    • Visionaries: This is the only team that actually gets to see copies of the design or drawing you have created. The catch is that they are not allowed to speak. Their task is to help the other teams figure out what the design is. They may nonverbally answer questions put to them but they are not allowed to draw the image in the air or use gestures that show the design directly.

    • Prophets: This is the only team that is allowed to talk. They are not allowed to see the picture, but may ask as many questions as they like from the "visionaries" to help discover what is drawn on the paper.

    • Artists: This group works together to recreate the design on a flipchart or chalkboard that everyone else can see. They may not speak or in any way communicate with the other two teams, other than through listening. They stand with their backs to the other two teams.

    The activity ends when the visionaries determine that the artists have accurately recreated the design. Debrief by asking the group to share their thoughts on the activity. Encourage them to reflect upon both the challenges and successes of their effort to work together as one community.