Tuesday, May 26, 2009


    Our monthly Youth Ministry Blog Scavenger Hunt invites you to visit some of our favorite youth blogs listed below in search of answers to our scavenger hunt questions.

    After finding the answers (and, we hope, spending a little time checking out the various blogs), email us your answers. Everyone submitting 5 correct answers will then be entered into a random drawing for the following resource:

    Marking Milestones And Making Memories For Youth: Looking Back…looking Forward (Hardcover)by Jason Schultz. This book uses a slick yearbook-style format to share tons of great ideas for creating rituals, traditions and memories in your youth ministry. It includes ideas in such categories as retreats, intergenerational activities, tearjerkers, service and outreach, fundraisers, and milestones.

    OK. Here is your scavenger hunt list for May. When you have your answers ready, email us. Deadline is midnight Monday, June 1. Happy Hunting!

    1) Chad Swanzy recently detailed some of his youth ministry's plans for the summer. In it he mentions a creative summer program idea: "The premise with this event is that 48 hours before a scheduled _______a map, items to bring, and challenge to meet will be posted on the site and facebook. Students will have less than 48 hours to be ready, prepared, and present at the event." What is the name of this special summer program which goes in the blank above?

    2) Dan, author of the Emerging Youth's blog, describes in his personal description that his goal is to rethink the way youth ministry has been done and attempt to bring not just the message of Jesus but _________ to the next generation of youth. What goes in that blank?

    Each Monday Iowa youth minister Jake Bouma writes a not-to-be-missed post about interesting links he's found, what he's reading, what music he's listening to, updates on his ministry, and other cool stuff. What does he title these Monday posts?

    At Marv Nelson's See Through blog, he recently has been writing about one particular individual's view of the Church. Who is it? (Update: You can see more of Marv's reflections on youth ministry at his new blog Emerging Youth Pastor.)

    In one of Matt Cleaver's favorite posts, he argues that in the next 50 years youth minsters will need to become what?