Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    COMMUNITY BUILDER: Affirmation Shower

    I recently attended a writers conference and one of the participants shared a community builder he called an affirmation shower.

    This works best with only 5 or so people, so if your youth ministry is big you might want to divide into smaller groups. One person from each group should sit in a chair or on the floor as the rest of the group stands or sits in a circle around them. When the group is ready, they begin to "shower" the middle person with affirmations such as naming their gifts ("You are a good singer" or "You a great listener") or naming what you appreciate about the person ("You always smile" or "You are a great friend" or "You are really good at tee-peeing people's houses!") This goes on for a minute or so, or until the group runs out of things to share. I know -- it sounds kind of corny, but it can be fun and quite meaningful for both the "it" person and the group. Perhaps you'd do two or three people per group -- whoever is willing to be "it," and then repeat this activity occasionally giving everyone a chance sometime in the year to receive an affirmation shower. -- Brian