Wednesday, September 23, 2009

    CREATIVE WORSHIP: Think Globally

    Here is an unfinished worship idea but one I imagine some of you could run with and expand.

    Last Sunday we focused on global missions with our morning youth class and talked with them about the missionaries we are supporting in Haiti, a husband and wife pastor/doctor team. We set up several learning centers for the youth to explore but many of them gravitated to the one you see below. Their task was to create a collage of the globe using photographic images of people and places from around the world (we utilized National Geographic magazines). They started out by roughly outlining the continents and them went to work filling in the spaces with images torn from the magazines and glued to the paper. This could certainly been done as a meditative prayer station, inviting participants to focus their prayers on the needs of the world as they work. It could also become a permanent prayer center in your youth room - a place to post news items about needs around the world or to gather around when remembering those dealing with war, drought or natural disaster. Plus, it looks pretty cool.

    See more creative worship ideas here. --Brian