Monday, November 23, 2009


    Youth worker Christina recently guest-posted at the Musings of Foreign Hearts blog and graciously agreed to let us share her post entitled "Days I Hate Being a Girl (Youth Worker)" as part of our Women in Youth Ministry Series:

    An annoyance of today turned into a little bit of a rant, but it's a glimpse into my life, so enjoy! Feel free to comment about what bugs you about being a girl today!

    -Days when you're in a business conversation with someone and they can't keep their eyes off your chest. Even though you're very modestly dressed. And your guy coworkers notice this exchange. Awkward and disgusting.

    -Days when I can't walk as fast as my (guy) coworkers because I like to wear heels and not tennis shoes

    -Days when I have to worry about why the sophomore boys want to hug me.

    -Days when I have to hear about pooping more than I'd like (aka any.)

    -Days when we are going swimming and I have to spend lots of time finding a modest-enough swimsuit to be around high school boys. AKA usually a tank top and shorts. While my co-workers run around shirtless.

    -Days when I start making lists in my head because the topic of conversation turns to MMA. Again. :)

    There are also MANY days I absolutely love being a girl (youth worker.) But today is not necessarily one of those days.


    Anonymous said...

    Exactly why (besides the...Bible telling us) women shouldn't be youth "pastors."

    KaGe said...

    Yes...women shouldn't be youth pastors because guys can't control themselves...i hope you're sensing the sarcasm in this comment. Some would argue that teenage girls act the same way around their male youth pastors.

    It's not a failure on her part because she's a woman. it's a failure on the guys' part because of their self control. And playing the "It's every man's struggle" card is also unacceptable. There has to be a point where men decide to be men and not teenage boys. They have to live up to higher personal standards, instead of the low social standards.

    Brian said...

    And Seth demonstrates exactly why we are highlighting the great work women are doing in youth ministry -- his attitude is not unique and demonstrates that sexism is alive and well in the Church. Seth perhaps misses that the Bible makes it clear through characters such as Lydia that women were indeed leaders in the early church. It was only later, as some in the movement became cowardly and wanted to lower the movement's profile in order to avoid confrontation with the empire that they began arguing against leadership by women (see Timothy). When I was in seminary, some students said they wanted to tear these pages out of the Bible because they are offensive (and they are, IMO). But our professor warned against that, pointing out they they are a witness to the active role of women leaders in the early church. As she put it, you don't tell woment to stop being leaders and to stop talking unless they are already doing it! The letters of Timothy are themsleves evidence of women serving as leaders in the early Church.

    tammy said...

    Days when you find out there is a leadership training or leadership small group of some kind that is being started for everyone on the board and staff... except you... because it is a men's group.

    ouch!!! lol

    Kris said...

    Thank you all so much for publishing this, my mom was/is a youth pastor and I worked under for a couple years. Anytime we went to a camp, mission trip, denominational meeting, etc...the men in charge refused to speak to her (an ordained seminary trained pastor of 15 years)and chose to speak to me (an unedcuated, untrained, 20 year old volunteer). It always disgusted me!!!

    Brian said...

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It's easy for some of us who serve more diverse churches to forget that much of the Church universal is still very patriarchal and youth ministry is no different. Persusing a few of the more popular youth ministry blogs recently, I note that almost 100% of their contributors, videos and images feature mean exclusively.