Tuesday, December 08, 2009

    RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY: The Adventure Continues...

    Sharp-eyed readers of this site will note that we recently shifted our address to rethinkingyouthministry.com. The name shift seemed a good enough reason to take a moment to remind our visitors, old and new, just what is behind this site and its challenging title.

    We began this blog several years ago to try to provide a voice for a different way of approaching youth ministry. We wanted to see what it would look like to shift youth ministry away from the programmatic, numbers-driven, entertainment-fueled model and toward something new. Over the years, we've advocated for some important shifts we'd like to see in youth ministry: from big to small, from competition to community, from loud and high-energy to quiet and contemplative, from segregation to integration within the whole church.

    We've also tried to show what youth ministry can look like from a mainline/progressive Christian perspective while dialoguing with and learning from our evangelical and conservative Christians brothers and sisters who are also serving in the trenches of youth ministry.

    Lastly, we've worked to be a regular resource to those who are looking for practical ways to live out this rethinking of youth ministry.  Our goal is to do our best to continue to provide you with practical ideas for helping youth to explore their faith through worship, the arts, prayer, spiritual practices, community building, study, and fellowship.  We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.  Feel free to comment, email us, or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

    Brian & Jacob