Wednesday, December 23, 2009

    VIDEO: Retooning the Nativity!

    I nice little video that reminds us that the Hallmark card version of the nativity does not always match up with the biblical account.  Ultimately though, I'm much less interested in the actual historicity of the birth narrative as I am with what the writers of Luke and Matthew were trying to say theologically about Jesus and the world into which he was born. Why sheperds?  Why a star?  Why wisemen?  Why a virgin birth?  All great questions to ask as we are about to celebrate the coming of God's light once again into the world.  



    KaGe said...

    Oh the "Why?" question. I can't wait until we, as a church, move past the what and into the why. The Why is waaaay more interesting!

    Mark Smith said...

    When I worked for Lenox, the Renaissance Nativity collector's set got "enhanced" with among other things the Nativity Elephant. One of the women in marketing went to the effort to prove that it would have been impossible for an African or Asian elephant to carry enough water to make it across the desert to Bethlehem, but they made it anyway.