Monday, March 22, 2010


    Need a fun way to divide your youth into a smaller group and encourage team building at the same time?

    Cut out a variety of multi-panel comic strips from your local newspaper or cut up the panels from a page of a comic book (a better option if you need larger groups).  Mix all the comic frames into a container and invite each participant to choose one panel. Once everyone is ready, have them work to find others with the panels that are part of the same sequence. Once they have identified all members of their group, have them work together to put the panels in the correct order.  When they have completed this task, they sit together and you know they are ready to move on to the next activity.  As an extra challenge, invite groups to do this entire activity without talking. 

    Want to create your own custom comic strips, perhaps to tie them directly to the theme of your program or activity? You can make comic strips like the one here at the Strip Generator website.