Wednesday, March 03, 2010

    Youth Ministry Ideas for Lent '10: #5 Recipe for You

    Lent is a season of self-reflection. Challenge youth to take stock of who they are and whose they are with this creative project.

    I am leading a creative spiritual journaling group during Lent and tonight we sent the participants off with a writing challenge borrowed from the excellent Soul Pancake website that would work well with teens. 

    Ask youth to think about what it would be like if we walked around with t shirts on all day that broadcast to others the basic gist of who we are.  What would your t shirt say -- 50% confused, 30% spiritual,  5% musical, 15% distracted? Or imagine you are expressed as a recipe.  What would be your ingredients?  A dash of humor?  Two spoon fulls of doubt?  A cup of sweetness but two cups of sour grapes?  

    Invite youth to spend some time thinking about themselves, both as they imagine others perceive them and as they would like to be perceived. You could approach this as a writing project, an art project or even have teens bring blank white t-shirts on which they describe themselves.  When finished, spend some time talking about what it was like having to think more deeply about themselves and what makes up who they are.  Where is God in that mix of attributes and ingredients?  What part of their life includes their faith?  What attributes or ingredients do they wish they could change or add?  Given who they see themselves to be, where might God be calling for them to use their unique talents, gifts, shortcomings, and personalities in ministry and mission?

    Note:  For any version of this activity, you might want to include a time of affirmation in which youth contribute to each other's creations by adding positive descriptive words about one another to each person's writing, art, or t-shirt.