Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    Youth Ministry Ideas for Lent '10: #6 Celebrating Holy Week

    As we prepare to move into Holy Week, here are a few more suggestions for celebrating the season of Lent with your youth.
    • Consider hosting a prayer vigil. Youth respond well to prayer and silence. Have the sanctuary open for the twenty-four hours leading up to Easter morning. Ask each youth to sign up for thirty minutes of prayer. Make it a goal to always have someone present in the sanctuary praying. You could even do this as a lock-in.
    • Have a worship service with a variety of different prayer stations. You could have one station set up with palm branches, reminding youth of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Another station could have a bowl of water used for foot washing. As a leader of your youth, you might be the one doing the washing. A third prayer station could have a small table set up with bread and juice--on the table have the words of institution printed out. Across from the table, consider having a rugged cross set up. Have youth consider what the cross means to them. Finally, have a station where each youth can light a candle, reminding them of the light of Christ that is always present.
    • Design a Seder meal that can be used for youth. We did this last year and really enjoyed it.
    • Invite youth to fast from email or any social networking site for the week leading up to Easter. Start this off by having youth write letters, the kind with an envelope and stamp, to people who are important in their life.