Tuesday, May 11, 2010


    It's always exciting to stumble upon a ministry blog that offers fresh and creative ways for connecting youth with their faith.  Suzy Bower's site is a nice collection of experiential resources, such as this creative prayer idea she calls "faithbook":

    This is pretty cheesetastic, but you’ve gota have a bit of cheese once in a while. So Faithbook, basically it’s like Facebook, but on it’s on paper and can be used as a prayer tool. I used this at a youth group one evening when we were talking about prayer. I got them to fill in their name, and draw on their profile picture. They then filled in the ‘mutual friends’ column as they prayed for their Christian friends, followed by the ‘friend’ section for other people who aren’t Christians. I then asked them to take this home and use the status update boxes to chat to God about whatever is on their heart for that day.

    For the full post and to explore other creative ideas, go here.


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