Thursday, June 10, 2010


    Summertime is the perfect opportunity to switch it up a little at youth group. I always enjoy what we call the “Fishbowl” activity. 

    The game is simple. There are two chairs placed opposite of one another in the middle of the room. One chair is labeled “For” and the other chair is labeled “Against.” Between the two chairs, place an empty fishbowl containing a variety of different words, phrases, or questions written on small slips of paper.

    The different pieces of paper might have the following written on them: Do we really need war? Is it possible to be a vegetarian? Should the phrase “In God we trust be on our money?” Should church always be on a Sunday morning? Every story in the Bible is factually true. Peace.

    Initially, choose a volunteer to sit in each chair. But, when the volunteer is tired of “arguing” for their side, all they have to do is raise their hand and someone else will come in and take their spot. Encourage your youth to think about their responses from a theological perspective.

    Then, just for fun, make the sign of a fish on one of the slips of paper and let someone take home the tank and an actual goldfish—we gave away one goldfish that lived for almost three years (pretty incredible, I think).

    When considering what to write, don’t be afraid to choose ideas and concepts that will challenge your youth. Remember that in ministry we aren’t always looking for confirmation. Sometimes, if we truly seek to follow Jesus, we might also be seeking confrontation.