Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    FOLLOW-UP: Great Youth Ministry Idea - Gumball Ministry

    Not too long ago we posted a great idea for using an old gumball machine in your youth ministry as a mission and outreach tool.  We challenged someone to put the idea to the test and we recently heard from Allison Yankey from First UMC in Auburn, Indiana:

    Just thought I would send along a picture.  I preached on Romans 15.1-7 on Sunday and talked about how we are not to spend our lives pleasing ourselves but rather to reorient ourselves so that we are setting ourselves aside, seeking God, and serving others.  I concluded with John 3.30: “He [God] must increase, I must decrease” and encouraged the congregation to take the opportunity to be inspired by putting in their 25 cents to get a gumball and an idea for a random act of kindness.  I ended up with over 100 different ideas.  The machine was full before our services began, and I think so far it has been a success.  Thanks for the great idea!
    But wait. There's more. Check out this adaptation of the idea which involves filling the machine with "seedbombs" that can be used to beautify urban areas through an act of guerrilla gardening. Environmentalism as an act of mission? Absolutely!


    lmcfadden said...

    It would be great if the lists could be posted! I know ministry context is important, but some ideas to get the gumballs rolling would be helpful.