Thursday, June 24, 2010


    I've come across several great suggestions lately about using the summer to get your youth out of the church building and meeting somewhere in public for a change of scenery but perhaps also for a chance to engage their faith out in the regular surroundings of daily life.  Christopher at the Marathon Youth Ministry blog has a particularly catchy name for his approach to this idea, calling it Church at Chipotle:

    One might ask, "Chris where does this idea come from?"  Well, it's really due to alliteration.  Say it, "Church at Chipotle." Doesn't it sound good?  

    Christopher shares that this approach to summer ministry can be a way to keep your regular youth connected, to create an opportunity for inviting new youth, and to help the teens learn something new. You can read more about his approach here in the appropriately titled post "Anticipating the Burrito."

    -- Brian


    Sara's Ponderings said...

    When planning our summer calendar, my intern came up with Chipotle and Chat. We will be having it several times this summer. Great post!