Monday, July 05, 2010

    The "1 Thing" Youth Ministry Interview

    Jeremy Zach is asking youth ministers "What is the one thing (and only one thing) you want to tell the youth pastor population?"  He has posted my answer here and his here.  How would you answer that question? If you got up on your youth ministry soapbox what is the one thing you'd want to share with your colleagues in minstry? Go join the conversation and add your own thoughts.

    -- Brian


    John said...

    I have never taken a youth ministry class in my life. I've been to some conferences and workshops, but I've never done any youth ministry coursework. What I do have is a theological education and a commitment to ongoing reading and study. Whether you have or are working on a seminary degree or a college degree or devote time to reading and continuing education, do not skimp on theology. The practical skills of youth ministry are best learned on the job and idea books and magazines are a dime a dozen. But you cannot replace a solid foundation in theology and the basic skills of critical thinking. These will enhance your youth ministry more than any youth ministry course or how-to book.