Monday, August 16, 2010

    COMMUNITY BUILDER: The Potter and the Clay

    Use this teambuilding activity to help your youth envision the direction of your ministry together in the coming school year.

    Divide into small groups and give each a ball of clay or play dough and have them sit in a circle. Call out an object (such as bowl of cereal, people waiting at a bus stop, clown holding balloons) and instruct the person with the clay to begin forming that object.  After thirty seconds, shout "pass" and the clay is moved to the next person who continues to try to form the object.  Keep passing until every member of the team has had a chance to add something to the sculpture.  Invite groups to debrief, asking: What was it like allowing other people to change/add to what you created?  Did the final sculpture turn out the way you intended?  How would the end result have been different if you'd each worked alone?

    Now, repeat the activity with a twist.  Invite the first person to begin to form anything they wish, but don't announce it to team. Again have teams pass the clay around the circle, this time instructing each person to change it into anything they wish during their turn.  Debrief:  How was this approach different from the first activity?  What was it like transforming someone else's ideas into something new? 

    Finally, give each member of the teams a small piece of clay and invite them to form anything they like.  Or more purposefully, have them form a self portrait or a symbol representing a gift or talent they have to share with your youth ministry.  When all are ready, challenge the team to attach all their various pieces together into one unified sculpture that represents the sum of all their parts.  Debrief: How did you feel about this version of the activity?  How would you describe your final group sculpture?

    Finish by reading together Jeremiah 18: 1-10. Ask:  What could this passage have to say about our ministry together?  What do you think God wants to shape us into during this new school year?  What will we each need to share to participate in this new creation?  What parts of our ministry might need to be reformed or reshaped?  Working together, what do you hope we can become as a ministry by the end of the school year?


    Viana said...

    This was exactly the kind of exercise we needed for our Youth Group meeting tonight. Thank you for sharing. Wendell and Viana Gardiner, The Bahamas.