Wednesday, August 04, 2010

    Starting A New Youth Ministry Position

    For months we've been meaning to write on the topic of how to transition into a new youth ministry position as a companion piece to this popular post on how to leave a youth ministry position.  But now we don't have to thanks to Brock Morgan's great essay on this very topic.  Here is a sample:

    I was taught by my professor and by many who have gone before me that in the first year you shouldn't make any programmatic changes. "Don't do anything too drastic in the first year," they would tell me. But after 20 years of doing this, here is what I have found. No matter what you do, even if you don't change a thing, but just keep running the same old programs you inherited, some people will be unhappy. Why? Because you're not the previous leader. They will say, "I don't like youth group anymore because its all different." You'll think to yourself, "But I haven't changed a thing!"

    Read the whole post here and pass it on to a friend who needs the helpful tips and the encouragement.