Tuesday, September 14, 2010


    More details and registration info here.


    Richard Jones said...

    I hope you guys see this, since this is an older post. I was very excited about the Rethinking Youth Ministry Conference. As I read the description, I felt this was something that could really help me, that it would open discussion on a lot of issues that I have felt tension around. However, the dates and location are prohibitive for my participation. (Just for the record, there are a lack of flights with good times to get in and out of the area--allowing for driving time to the conference.) I know the location probably is making it really affordable, but putting the event in a major city would have helped me a lot. Anyway, I can't attend. I noticed also a post about an upcoming book. I am hoping that the book will cover much of the material from the conference. Is that so? Of course, I will miss the discussion, which for me is the most important part. It seems that so much youth ministry training is targeted to 20-something Southern Baptists in Texas. It is great to hear you guys talk about mainline progressive youth ministry. That's a discussion I need to be part of.

    Brian said...

    Hi Richard. Thanks for commenting. Your message has me thinking about how we need to make this sort of event more accessible. You are completely right that the location for the October event is a little off the beaten path unless you live in Mid-Missouri. We are planning to offer more events and, as you mention, the book will cover some of this material. I'm glad we can be a resource to those in the mainline progressive churches. The entire motivation behind this blog and our upcoming book was a desire to help fill the vaccuum of progressive voices in youth ministry. I hope you'll stay in touch and maybe we can make it out your way in the near future. Peace,