Friday, October 22, 2010

    10 Yuth Ministry Twitter Feeds U Should B Following

    There's a lot of great tweeting going on out there in the youth ministry world.  Here are just a few twitter feeds you might find useful.  This is not an exhaustive list but each of these consistently share information and links that would be helpful to anyone working with teens:

    Youth Group Games - The name says it all.
    YMToday - From the website full of free youth ministry resources from great bloggers.
    DOPCANDY - Diocese of Portsmouth Children's AND Youth Ministry
    Deech Kirk - Executive Director of the Center for Youth Minstry Training and
    YS Scoops - Links from Youth Specialties
    Sophia Network - Women in Youth Ministry
    Soul Pancake - Not strictly youth ministry, but a treasure trove of inspiration.
    Youth Ministry 360 - Twitter feed of a great new YM website.
    YouthWorker Journal
    The TV Show "Glee"


    chad said...

    Whoot! These are good. I see a few new ones to add.


    I have one for group games, volunteer games, mixers, and talk shorts.


    Brian said...

    Thanks for sharing your link Chad!

    Anonymous said...

    Brian, Thanks for the include. I have been wondering all day why I've been getting more twitter followers. This explains it!


    Brian said...

    Deech, glad to help send more youth ministry folks your way!

    Mindi said...

    Hey Brian!

    Thanks for the shout out for YMtoday!