Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    What's So Great About "Rethinking Youth Ministry?"

    What's so great about "Rethinking Youth Ministry?" Well, for starters, you've just stumbled upon several years worth of ideas, rants, programs, projects, and theological wrestling by two pastors who are passionate about ministry by, for, and with youth in the Church.  Since no one has the time to go digging through all our archives, we thought we'd offer you few quick links for accessing the most popular content on this site:
    Prayer Stations - Looking for ways to incorporate interactive and creative prayer experiences into your worship? Look no further. Want even more creative worship ideas? Check this out.

    Community Builders - Here you'll find a wealth of games and team activities that can help your youth develop a sense of community and cooperation. 

    Mission - Need to help your youth develop a deeper understanding of the mission of the Church? Here you'll find ideas, reflections, and projects to get you started. 

    YM Today - This link will take your right to our excerpted articles posted at YM Today (where you can also find a lot more great youth ministry help.) 

    Videos - We've posted lots of good videos related to youth ministry.  You might find something at this link for use with your youth or adults.

    Free YM Help - Here you'll find a whole list of links of helpful places to go on the web to find free resources and ideas for you to morph, adapt, tweak, and use for your own ministry.

    Finally, if you are wondering who these two guys are that spend all their time rethinking youth ministry, this might give you a little insight.  And if you want to be the first to know about all the latest youth ministry ideas and links we find all around the web, be sure to sign up for our Twitter feed here