Friday, October 08, 2010

    Youth Leader's Retreat this October

    Yes! We are taking Rethinking Youth Ministry live October 29-30 for a weekend event at the Rickman Conference Center in Jefferson City, Missouri. This Friday-Saturday retreat, sponsored by the Missouri School of Religion, will be an opportunity to meet with this blog's authors, Jacob and Brian, along with other youth ministry colleagues in an intimate setting, surrounded by the great outdoors and a chance to get some sabbath after the rush of the start of the school year.

    The main content for the retreat will be a series of interactive workshops focusing on many of the topics we touch on every week here at Rethinking Youth Ministry: mission, worship, community building, creative prayer, volunteers, Bible study, and more, all while rethinking the current paradigms for youth ministry and offering some new ways forward. Our role is not that of youth ministry gurus but rather colleagues in ministry with you, offering questions and ideas that we hope will encourage all participants to share their own particular challenges and experiences in ministry with youth.  Together we'll think out loud about our hopes for the future of the Church and the place of youth within the Body of Christ.

    You can find out more and register online here or check out a pdf flyer for the event here. We'd love to meet some of you in person and hope you can join us.


    Richard Jones said...

    I commented earlier and you responded, so this is just a follow up. (By the way, am I missing something, or is there no email listed for you guys on the site?) Two questions:
    1-Are you recording the retreat this weekend? I really wish you would.
    2-Are you considering other venues for this workshop in the future? Also, what is the likelihood that I could have you guys come to Arizona to do this workshop? And what is a ballpark figure of what that would cost? Feel free to email me at

    Brian said...

    Hi Richard. Thanks for the mention about the email address. I've added it to our "about us" page so it is easier to find. I don't know if there are plans to video the event but I'll let you know. We are definitely open to taking the event to other locations. I'll email you and let's see what can be arranged. Thanks for your interest.