Tuesday, November 09, 2010

    Community Builder: One Piece at a Time

    Try this fun teamwork challenge to get your teens working together and to introduce a new topic or Bible study discussion.

    I recently used this activity with my entire church as an intergenerational activity but it's easily adapted to multiple settings and with any mix of age groups.  In this case, I purchased four blank puzzles, usually available at art or craft stores. I put the puzzles together as if they were one big surface and wrote the message I wanted to convey across the whole group of puzzles (in this case, the message was an abbreviated version of the mission statement of my church). 

    Next, I divided the pieces up and distributed them around the building at various locations revealed through treasure-hunt style clues.  Once the pieces were retrieved, groups came back and tried to put their puzzles together.  As an added twist, each group only had one-fourth of the puzzle.  To reveal the complete message, the groups had to combine all the puzzles into one.