Monday, December 13, 2010

    2010 Advent Ideas for Youth Ministry #3: Creating Relationships

    This Sunday, many of us will celebrate the theme of "Love" for Advent. Here's a fun and simple way to help your youth think about the ways in which we love and reach out to others:

    Step one: Create a list of individuals in your church who are shut-ins, older, alone, or sick.

    Step two: Put each name, along with a phone number and address, on an index card.

    Step three: Have each youth take a card, along with a pre-written script. The script, written by you, should give an outline for how a phone converastion might go. Encourage the youth to say that as part of their worship at youth group tonight, they are each calling members of the church. When we did this, we had those calling invite individuals to the Christmas Eve service and ask if they needed to have transportation provided.

    Step four: Following phone conversation, or even if just a message was left, have youth create or sign a Christmas Card to be sent.

    Step five: Spend some time debriefing. Ask what it means to reach out to others, especially those who aren't able to attend church on a weekly basis.

    Step six: End with prayer and hot chocolate for everyone. What could be better?