Monday, January 10, 2011


    Here's a creative approach to keeping your teens focused on their faith all week.

    Maybe you've run into the same problem I have:  You manage to engage your youth in a meaningful study at youth group and send them home, hoping they will ponder the Bible study or discussion the rest of the week.  When you regather the next Sunday and ask "So what other thoughts have you had about last week's topic?" they just look back at you with blank stares as if to say "Oh...yeah.  We were supposed to think about that, weren't we.  Well, see, there was this test I had to study for and basketball practice and drama club and ... I sort of forgot."  

    Youth worker Rob Ham has created a resource for his group called "The Other Six" that just might be an answer to this problem.  His approach involves providing youth with both a take-home devotional guide each week and an interactive blog as a way to help youth stay connected to the current study the "other six" days of the week. You can check out a pdf sample of the devotional guide (image below) and read more about this creative idea at Rob's blog


    Paul Sheneman said...

    Great resource Brian. When I was in youth ministry, I was given a weekly devo at the end of SS class. I didn't always read it during the week but I definitely read it during the service time. So I think that this type of reoccurring resource with follow up is great. Thanks again for sharing.

    Brian said...

    Paul, I think you are right that getting them to acutally use this resource during the week may be a challenge. I imagine that the accompanying blog helps as a way to get them to interact with others during the week so they can be encouraged by peers who are using the materials. We'll be trying this soon with our group so I will share how it goes. Thanks for commenting.