Monday, January 31, 2011

    Video: We Like Jesus...but do we really want to be like him?


    Anonymous said...

    Just started reading Kenda Creasy Dean's book "Almost Christian," and this reminds me of many of her insights. Findings from the National Study of Youth and Religion showed that young people think religion is a "very nice thing," but don't believe it is essential for an integrated life.

    Great video, I will definitely use this sometime soon.

    Brian Kirk said...

    Definitely an important book. I hope it inspires some in youth ministry to consider a new way forward.

    Anonymous said...

    Though, the important part (to me) of Kenda Creasy Dean's study is not that "young people" aren't getting it - but that most of us are treating religion that way. Without that point, her work and research can become yet another "these young people today are awful" kind of polemic. I'm hoping people in adult formation are picking it up as well.