Wednesday, February 09, 2011

    5 Youth Ministry Blogs You Should Be Reading!

    I regularly read so many great youth ministry blogs that it's hard to keep up with them.  Many are included in our list of "More Youth Ministry Help" on the right column of this page. But I know not everyone has time to scan that list or may even see it during a quick visit to our site.  So for the next few weeks we want to highlight a few of those great blogs and encourage you to check them out.  Today's 5:

    Emerging Youth - Dan, a youth pastor in New York, regularly shares his approach to theologically sound ministry to teens in his efforts to "reinvent the way youth ministry has been done and attempt to bring, not just the message of Jesus, but Jesus himself to this next generation of students."

    Evolitionist - Neil is an ELCA youth minister serving in a progressive church and his blog is always on the cutting edge of approaching youth ministry in ways that are challenging, inclusive, and authentic. 

    Marathon Youth Ministry - Christopher hails from Maryland and has really mastered the skill of writing short, to-the-point blog entries that challenge readers to think about important questions and issues in the youth ministry sphere.  

    Suzy Bower - Suzy writes from Buckinghamshire, England and shares lots of creative ideas for engaging youth through the different senses and learning styles. 

    Youth Ministry Stuff - Here is the latest blog I've stumbled upon and keep going back to over and over. Tim is a youth minister in Kentucky and his blog regularly features ideas and resources for the creative things he is currently using with his youth.  

    More site reviews to come.  Have a youth ministry website you think we should feature? Email us. 


    Anonymous said...

    thanks for the mention. I appreciate what you are doing, writing, thinking, reflecting, and practicing in the realm of progressive youth ministry. blessed to be in great dialog and partnership with like-minded youth workers! said...

    Thanks for putting British one on the list!

    Tim Blake said...

    Thanks Brian! I've had a ton of visitors to the blog over the last couple days, and I was wondering why... now I know! Keep up your great work here brother!

    Tim Blake said...

    Thanks for the mention Brian! I've had a lot of visits to the blog over the last couple of days and I was wondering why... now I know! Thanks for all you do, keep up the great work!