Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    5 Youth Ministry Blogs You Should Be Reading!

    I regularly read so many great youth ministry blogs that it's hard to keep up with them.  Many are included in our list of "More Youth Ministry Help" on the right column of this page. But I know not everyone has time to scan that list or may even see it during a quick visit to our site.  So for the next several weeks we want to highlight a few of those great blogs and encourage you to check them out. Our first list can be found here.  Today's 5:

    DOPCANDY - Here you will find the Children and Youth ministry resource site for the Diocese of Portsmouth (which is made up of 142 Church of England parishes in south-east Hampshire and the Isle of Wight). They regularly post links and articles full of creative youth ministy ideas and commentary on youth culture.

    ym360blog - The blog portion of the Youth Ministry 360 site posts insightful essays by a variety of youth ministry bloggers offering practical advice and ideas. Not to be missed: their Friday round-up of some of the best youth ministry posts from around the blogosphere in the past week.

    The Mayward Blog - Joel has a way with using analogies from everyday life that illuminate important questions about the why's and how's of youth ministry.  Plus he offers useful film and book reviews, theological reflections and updates on youth culture.  

    Reyouthpastor - I've been following Jeremy for a long time and through a variety of blogs and titles but he always has something of interest to say and writes with a definite passion for youth ministry.  If you like lists, Jeremy has plenty to spur your thinking about the intersection of theology and ministry with youth.

    YouthWorker Movement - This site grew out of the efforts of a group of Methodist youth workers seeking a way to support those serving teens in the Church. There's a little bit of everything here, including some great free resources such as Bible studies and prayer station ideas.


    Ben Mizen said...

    Brian, thanks for the mention. Your blog has been an inspiration for us here in the south of england!

    Joel Mayward said...

    Brian, thanks for the encouraging words and the link love! Appreciate your thoughts/writings a ton, keep it up!