Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Creating a Life of Prayer: Wordless Prayers

    Over the next few weeks, as we move through Lent, we’ll be sharing a series of posts on prayer. Our hope is that these conversations will deepen not only your prayer life, but also the prayer lives of the youth you work with on a daily basis.

    We tend to think of prayer as primarily attached to language -- we use language to offer written or spoken prayers in worship.  We even use language as we pray silently in our heads.  But don't we also pray whenever we walk in the woods and are overcome by the beauty of God's creation?  Isn't it a prayer when we feel a sense of love when seeing the face of a loved one?  Isn't it a prayer when we feel compassion when viewing video of the destruction in Japan? 

    Prayer goes beyond words.  Offer your youth a chance to experience this first-hand by creating a prayer station of nothing but images.  For the station below, I gathered a variety of images from magazines and art, attached them to cardstock, and scattered them about on a table.  The instructions were simple:  

    Take a moment to use the images to compose a visual prayer.  You may want to lay the images together in a sequence, sharing a visual message with God.  You may want to simply create a cluster of images that relate to something that is on your heart.  If another person joins you, perhaps compose the prayer in silence together.  It need not be a literal prayer.  Let the images speak to you and be open to the leading of the Spirit.


    deech said...

    Brian, I also believe teaching the opposite of your station is powerful too. My mom taught me to pray visually. If you don't have words to express what you hope and pray for, then imagine it the way you want it. The sick person well, your youth room overflowing with youth, a youth finding joy in Christ, your daughter growing up as a Godly woman, peace, etc. You get the idea. This would be a good post on ymblogs. I'll see if I can get it up next week.

    Good stuff!