Friday, March 04, 2011

    Does It Matter What Justin Bieber Thinks About Abortion?

    Some have questioned what Rolling Stone magazine was thinking when they recently asked pop singer Justin Bieber to share his thoughts about abortion.  Many people have been angered or confused by his comments leading some to suggest that he should have kept his thoughts to himself.  In my latest column at I touch on the intersection between this story and that of another teen boy who recently got in hot water for sharing his religious convictions:

    Two teenagers stepped into the public fray in the past few weeks and were slapped down for expressing their religious and ethical convictions. One, pop idol Justin Bieber, dared to state his views on abortion. The other, high school wrestler Joel Northup, forfeited a sporting event rather than betray his religious beliefs. Both of these young men have been the object of scorn across the internet. All this raises the question: Should it matter what teens think about important issues related to faith and ethics? Are teens old enough to have a real opinion on such topics? Does it really matter what they think?
    I try to answer these questions and argue for a healthier attitude toward youth in the church in the rest of the essay which you can read here.  I welcome your thoughts and reflections.


    David said...

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    The Justin Bieber Bible Quiz
    By David Buckna
    Special to ASSIST News Service


    Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine.

    The persecution of Justin Bieber
    Feb 28, 2011 by Colby Cosh

    Matt said...

    I think it is so cool when you see a teen take a counter-cultural stand, even if it is clear that they have not fully thought through their convictions yet. Great Post and thanks for pointing this out to me!

    Brian Kirk said...

    Thanks Matt. We appreciate the feedback. As I say in the column, I don't agree's the guy's comments, but I support his willingness to take stand. We want teens to care about things that matter, I hope, even if their views don't always fit our own.