Wednesday, April 13, 2011

    Film Review: "Source Code"

    My review of the new sci-fi flick "Source Code" is now up at  Yes, it's mostly a Saturday afternoon popcorn movie, but for your youth who catch this film there might be an opportunity to use it as a springboard for discussing themes of grace and second chances: 

    Getting beyond our sin to accept God's offer of a "do-over" is often hard, uncomfortable, scary work. In the film, Stevens has to face the reality that in order to uncover the terrorist, he must be willing to return to that train over and over, each time experiencing the horrific explosion and his own virtual death. If he's not willing to do this, his controllers tell him, more people will be lost. To get to new life he has to be willing to walk through the valley of death. Or as one character puts it in the film, "The world is going to hell. But there's hope in the rubble. But first there has to be rubble."

    You can read the entire review here.