Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Teens, Royal Weddings and Marriage

    The Royal Wedding spectacle begs the questions: How is popular culture helping to shape what teens and young adults think about marriage?

    My latest column at Patheos looks at how teens in the U.S. approach the subject of marriage, a topic at the forefront right now as we here in  "the colonies" get all excited about the royal wedding happening in our mother country of merry old England:

    Surveys...indicate that a majority of teens feel it's a good idea to live together prior to marriage in order to build a relationship. In the past, the Church would have collectively condemned such a suggestion. But in a culture where "The Bachelorette" picks a mate to marry in a matter of weeks from a pool of men selected by a television casting agent, we might want to take a step back and consider if our young people have a better handle on what it means to be married than the entertainment culture surrounding them.
    You can read the entire column here and share your thoughts.