Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Creative Idea for Youth Ministry: The Gospel in One Word

    How do you sum up the gospel in a single word?  Challenge your teens to do just that with this creative activity.

    I often stumble upon great ideas on the Soul Pancake website that seem perfect for adapting to a youth ministry setting. This recent post is a good example. Readers were challenged to represent a single word that held importance for them by using everyday objects.  You can see some of the examples posted here.  I would take this a step further and challenge youth to try to sum up their understanding of the gospel in a single word (or phrase) and use everyday objects related to the word to create their image. For example, if the word is love, they might create it out of candy hearts. If the word is joy, they might use something that makes them happy...like cupcakes!  They might create "peace" out of pieces of dismantled toy guns.

    You could either do this as a group activity or have teens work on this independently and upload their photos to the web.   The photos could be use to open up a conversation that might give you helpful insights into how your teens understand the core of the gospel message.

    If you need more inspiration, here is another whole blog with these sorts of images.


    Matt said...

    Loved this. We had some really great pics. If you'd like to check them out go to FB/fumchurstyouth ;)

    Brian Kirk said...

    Wow. Those are great! Thanks for sharing.